Our first wind turbine

Our first wind turbine

Our first wind turbine, T1, was installed in November 2015. It is a 1.5MW Vensys 77 which can operate in wind speeds between 3m/s and 22m/s. The turbine was chosen for its innovative and efficient direct drive design. The generator is connected directly to the rotor for maximum energy efficiency, meaning there’s no need for a gear box. T1 is therefore quiet and low-maintenance. Passive air cooling also means no temperature control system is needed.

The hub is 61.5m high and the blade tip reaches 100m. Each blade is 37.3m long. T1 can generate up to 1.5 megawatts, enough power to supply 1500 homes, and has an operational life of 20 years.


The original 1936 Stormy Down Airfield switchgear building has been carefully refurbished and brought back into use to house the new switches connecting T1 to the National Grid.


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