Cenin Renewables awarded planning permission for two solar farms

Cenin Renewables awarded planning permission for two solar farms

We have recently been awarded planning permission for two large solar projects on farm land in the Vale of Glamorgan. The land is currently used to graze sheep, so our scheme has been designed to have panels which are high enough for the sheep to graze underneath and to provide shelter from the rain and wind.

The sites also incorporate areas of nature conservation and footpaths for walkers. Cenin Renewables believe in giving something back, so we’re committed to maintaining the existing botany, hedgerows and trees and enhancing the natural habitat for all species. For example, we will create wildlife hibernacula with buried logs and rubble to provide shelter for over-wintering reptiles, amphibians and invertibrates. We will also install bird and bat boxes to create the most appropriate conditions for target species.

Home Farm, land west of Drope Road, St. Georges Super Ely

A small scale 3MW ground mounted photovoltaic solar array just west of Cardiff.


Home Farm solar array site plan.

vis for web

A visualisation showing how the site will look with solar panels.

Land east of Five Mile Lane

A 6MW solar PV array at Whitton Mawr.

A0 Layout

Whitton Mawr solar farm

Whitton Mawr solar array

View across the fields where the solar array will be installed.



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