Caring for the Environment

Cenin Renewables are committed to preserving and enhancing the natural habitat for wildlife and flora. At Parc Stormy we are gradually improving the site with the help of local horticultural specialist, Glyn Seburn. We have planted beech trees, created wild flower areas which will attract and sustain bees and other insects, built a bee hotel, put up nesting boxes, and installed a hedgehog shelter.

T1 in sun montage lowresParc Stormy wind flowers at base of turbine-lowres

Glyn has built dry stone walls using recycled stone from the site which are pleasing aesthetically but also provide excellent habitat for insects and small mammals, as well as acting as corridors and staging posts for the birds.

Cenin dry stone walls-web

turbine base stone walling lowresweb

The site is home to a wide range of species including rabbits, slow worm, common lizard, field vole, moles, foxes, peregrine falcon, buzzard, pied wagtail, kite, carrion crows, common linnet and migratory swallows.  Native plant species include cowslips, viper’s bugloss, eyebright, wild thyme, and bee orchid. The sign below doubles as a bee hotel.

Nature sign

We also have a hedgehog house to provide a feeding station and a place for hedgehogs to hibernate through the winter.

Hedgehog box at Parc Stormy

The wild flowers we have planted around the solar panels are a special mix containing Cosmos Sulphureus and Bipimatus Sensation, Trianon Cosmos, Sunbow Zinnia, Tithonia Torch, Polka Dot Cornflower, Pacific Beauty English Marigold, and Eschscholzia.

Parc Stormy flowers 2-lowresParc Stormy flowers 1-lowres

Parc Stormy flowers-lowres

Our goal is to continue to enhance the natural habitat for the wildlife, flora and fauna we have on site and to create a nature trail for visitors to explore which links to the Newton Down wind site to the south of Parc Stormy.

Cenin from crop field

To see the environmental work we’ve been doing off-site, please visit our Home Farm webpage.