Home Farm

In February 2017, Cenin Renewables completed construction of Home Farm 3MW solar array at The Drope, western Cardiff.

The site is maintained by horticultural expert Glyn Seburn, who has done a lot of work on the ponds and woodland areas. Glyn has installed nest boxes and created habitat areas for various species.

Update 31,05,2018:  Great tit chicks are nearly fully fledged and showing themselves at the nest box entrance hole. Moorhen chicks are growing well and are with both parents. Baby rabbits have arrived on the new pond bank.

November 2018: Bat boxes built. Bird boxes cleared of old nests and cleaned out for next year’s nesting birds to use (if not cleaned out the bacteria from droppings will make the nest box an unhealthy environment for the next year’s birds).

January 2019: Bat boxes and Tawny Owl box installed in trees at Home Farm.


The photos below have been taken at Home Farm when we’ve been lucky enough to have a camera at hand. Some (the crane and the fox) were taken on our motion capture nature camera which is triggered by wildlife passing in front of it.

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