The Kenfig Society visit Parc Stormy

The Kenfig Society visit Parc Stormy

The Kenfig Society visited Cenin Renewables in August. We actively welcome visits from local groups, clubs, and professionals, and were very pleased to talk to the Kenfig Society about the site and our development ideas for the future. It was a pleasure to show the Society around, some of whom were staff here at Stormy Down in WW2. Pictured above, some of the members in front of the original 1936 switchgear building, currently renovated back into service as the site’s new transformer and switchgear building.

D:5100-51995132Solar panels plan Layout1 (1)

Above: the site’s current layout and possible future plan.


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Above: photographs taken by Brian Batters, a local photographer and member of the Kenfig Society, of the newly built Anaerobic Digestion Plant and Wind Turbine ‘1’ during their visit.

Parc Stomry History board -low res

The site history board, mounted on the wall of the switchgear building, was of great interest to the members of the Society, some of whom were here in service during WW2.


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