Local Women’s Institute Visit Cenin

Local Women’s Institute Visit Cenin

12th July 2016: Cenin were delighted to host a visit from a local WI group who are interested in Sustainable Development.

We shared our experience of building a circular economy.

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Globally, we currently use around three times more resources than the planet can sustain. We don’t have to look far to find people struggling on low incomes and in food poverty.

2- The problem-sml

Cenin is using innovative scientific techniques to reuse waste minerals. Our goal is to create local jobs through a zero carbon economy.

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By processing waste from the paper, power, and steel industries, Cenin makes products which are useful to other industries.

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Compared to conventional cement, 1 tonne of our Low Carbon Cement saves 150kW of energy, 1.5 tonnes of quarried minerals, reduces landfill, and saves 1 tonne of carbon.

5 - Weighing scales-sml

In 2015 we made the following carbon, energy, and resource savings.

6 - Corporate responsibility-sml

Our vision for Parc Stormy is to incorporate a range of renewable energy generation, clean fuels, and economic development.

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We want to make a difference by reducing carbon emissions, creating clean energy, and using resources wisely, whilst generating economic development so that real people can have jobs to support their families.

Parc Stormy 2015 - Circular Economy



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