Parc Dyffryn

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A unique and progressive renewable energy solar project that will:

  • produce a significant amount of sustainable energy
  • assist Wales’ goals in combating climate change
  • enhance the natural environment

“Cenin Renewables is committed to developing Parc Dyffryn, a combined renewable energy and biodiversity management area. At Parc Dyffryn we will manage significant areas of woodland and meadows while creating multi-use paths giving the public the opportunity to see how nature and energy generation can wonderfully intertwine.”

Martyn Popham


  • 685,000 tonne Carbon saving over the life of the project
  • Cutting edge energy storage technology
  • 30 hectares of woodland designated a natural Habitat Management Area
  • Pioneering Electricity provision
  • 30 local education points
  • Newly created Nature Trails, Bike Paths and footpaths

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