Renewable Energy Ambition in Wales

Renewable Energy Ambition in Wales

“If we take advantage of the opportunities, we can create new businesses and jobs, empower consumers and help people save up to £40bn off their energy bills in the coming decades”  (Ofgem) 

In September 2017 the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs announced new, ambitious targets for energy generation in Wales:

  • Wales to generate 70 per cent of its electricity consumption from renewable energy by 2030 (43% in 2016)
  • 1 gigawatt (GW) of renewable electricity capacity in Wales to be locally owned by 2030 – (575MW in 2016)
  • Renewable energy projects to have at least an element of local ownership by 2020 – (17% in 2016)

Slide: WPD / Regen SW presentation.

The Infrastructure Commission Smart Power Report from March 2016 highlights the potential weakness for future daily demand if we still have a sub-optimal power system. WPD sees this as an opportunity to make a role transition from a distribution network operator to a distribution system operator. This will result in quicker, more efficient connections for new active energy system participants.

Slide adapted from WPD / Regen SW presentation.



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