Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities

Singapore: leading the way with good governance, insightful planning, innovative thinking, and a co-operative approach

Singapore National Gallery

Since 1963, Singapore has implemented a Green City initiative built upon a variety of long term ecological and economic plans. The keys to their success have been the following:

good governance

  • insightful planning
  • innovative thinking
  • a co-operative approach bringing together the resources of the government and local communities, businesses and industry.

There are practical tools we can adopt in Wales from the Singapore model, such as a self monitoring index for biodiversity which enables people and government to evaluate their urban biodiversity conservation efforts. We can also ‘green up’ our public infrastructure and optimize urban spaces for nature and recreation. Nature can be part of the industrial landscape, increasing quality of life and job satisfaction, curbing Co2 build up and air pollution, and enhancing the competency of the local landscape and horticultural industry.

Singapore green supertreesDCIM100MEDIADJI_0634.JPG

Double Bay Residencies

Singapore has set a target to improve the efficiency of their energy usage by 35% by 2030, and encourage 70% of journeys to be made by public transport by 2020. With the development in battery technology those journeys can now be made by electric buses and in future driverless cars.

Electric bus

Driverless cars

With a visionary and cohesive cooperative attitude, Singaporeans are not afraid of big changes, such as moving an airport, reclaiming land from the sea, or designing a vast ‘plug and play’ business infrastructure to help companies save on capital costs and build synergy through their product integration.


Business parksetia-business-park-2-pic-new

Changi-Business-ParkChangi business park 1

Even a country with no natural resources can achieve such inspiring targets, imagine what we could do here in Wales.


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Mapletree Business City

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