The Cenin Renewables Team

Martyn Popham

Managing Director

Martyn has significant experience of civil engineering and land reclamation projects and has owned and managed successful heavy building material and quarrying businesses.

Having always had a particular interest in sustainability, Martyn has applied his vision of what is possible at Parc Stormy, creating a unique renewable energy business cluster.

Whilst leading the Cenin Renewables team, Martyn brings his considerable experience to all commercial aspects of the business.

Neil Tapper

Senior Project Engineer

Neil has extensive project management experience gained in the steel and chemical industries.

As well as overseeing off-site project development for Cenin Renewables, Neil has site managed many of the innovative integrated renewable energy schemes at Parc Stormy.

Neil’s delivers broad industry experience and practical knowledge to the team’s project development processes.

Reuben Hamon

Project Designer /
Planning Coordinator

Reuben has a BA in Design, MA in Visual Communication and a professional background in town planning.

As part of the team, Reuben finds and assesses new energy-generation sites and creates initial wind turbine layout designs, produces plans, illustrations, technical drawings, concept graphics and 3D models for our renewable energy projects, and manages the website.

Jess King

Renewables Project Assessor

Jess has a BSc (Hons) in Climate Change and Energy Management, and expertise in past and future climate change and mitigation techniques, renewable energy policy and logistics, energy conservation in the built environment, sustainable communities, and integrated water management.

Jess oversees our project workflow and researches new industry developments.

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