Reaping the Wild Wind

In November 2015, we erected our first wind turbine ‘T1’ which has a 63m hub, 100m tip and generates 1.5MW of electricity directly from the wind. Each blade is 37m long and made from fibreglass, the rotor has a swept area of 4,637.0 m². There are two steel tower sections, a nacelle, generator and hub. The gear-less drive system generates electricity via rotating electro-magnets which pass over each other to create a current. T1 can operate in winds speeds between 3 and 22m/second and reaches peak capacity at 13m/second.

In March 2020, we installed our second wind turbine ‘T2’ which has an 72m hub and a 117m diameter rotor, generating 3.6MW of electricity. T2 has three steel tower sections, a nacelle, hub and geared generator. The  blades are 57.2m long, the rotor has a swept area of 10,751 m², over twice that of T1. The V117 machine operates between 3 and 25m/second.

Annually, both turbines produces enough electricity to supply the total energy needs of approximately 4000 houses, and will do so for the next 30+ years.

The video below is a timelapse video of T1 being erected. To lift the sections the wind speed had to be under 4m/sec. The tower sections and nacelle were lifted over a period of three days, the blades being lifted in the early hours of the morning to complete the build.

The photos below are of T1 from different locations and during visits from schools and other groups who went inside the turbine.

In November 2019, T2’s foundations were constructed. The heavy reinforced concrete structure creates a stable base for the steel turbine tower to bolt to.  In February 2020, all components for our new 3.6MW wind turbine were successfully delivered to Parc Stormy. Three 57.2m blades weighing 13 tonnes each and three tower sections, base middle and top, weighing 67 tonnes, 49 tonnes, and 46 tonnes respectively. One nacelle weighing 63 tonnes, one hub weighing 32 tonnes, and the drive train weighing 52 tonnes.  Storm Dennis closed in shortly afterwards, delaying lifting.  In early March, the Vestas V117  was successfully lifted thanks to the excellent work by the Vestas team and our site managers Knights Brown. T2 generates 3.6MW of electricity.