Reaping the Wild Wind

In November 2015, we erected our first wind turbine. The nacelle is 63m from the ground and the tip of the blades reaches 100m. The drive system is magnetic and gearless which makes the turbine an extremely low-noise design. With winds of more than 12m/sec the turbine produces 1.5MW of electricity.

Annually, this turbine produces enough electricity to supply the total energy needs of 1500 houses, and will do so for the next 20 years. The site has a good wind resource.

The video below is a timelapse video of T1 being erected. To lift the sections the wind speed had to be under 4m/sec. The tower sections and nacelle were lifted over a period of three days, the blades being lifted in the early hours of the morning to complete the build.

The photos below are of T1 from different locations and during visits from schools and other groups who went inside the turbine.

We have planning permission for a 2nd wind turbine on site, which will have a higher tip height and a greater power production (third from right in visualisation below – the left two turbines are our neighbour’s existing Newton Down wind farm).

Kiwi Power
Welsh Government
Cardiff University
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