Wind turbine Scheme at Llwyncelyn Farm

In 2017, Cenin Renewables were granted planning permission for two wind turbines to be installed at Llwyncelyn Farm, near Porth. Generating local income from the wind turbines means we can support the local community and we will make an annual donation during the turbines’ operational lifetime to three local primary¬†schools and two local community centres to improve the opportunities and learning outcomes for local residents.

Pontygwaith Primary School visit our renewable energy cluster at Parc Stormy, April 2018.

Since we first applied for planning permission in 2015, innovative industry design developments have increased the efficiency of wind turbines dramatically. To keep up to date with the most efficient machines available, we would like to amend our turbine specification with a small increase in blade length and hub height. This would allow us to generate approximately 30% more power to meet Welsh energy needs and in addition share more financial assistance with local schools and community centres. Installing the most efficient machines available makes economic and practical sense given that they will be generating for the next 20 years.

The indicative visualisation below shows the difference of how the wind turbines, approved and proposed, would look. Click on the image for a bigger view.

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