Manmoel Wind Scheme

About the scheme

Cenin Renewables are submitting a planning application for a wind scheme on Manmoel Common. Full assessments are underway and we are likely to enter the ‘Developments of National Significance’ (DNS) process this winter.

Community Engagement

  • Once the scheme becomes operational, an annual fund will be available for 20 years to help promote sustainability locally.
  • Multiple schools have already been contacted to see if they would like to be involved.
  • If sustainability is something you’re involved in, do get in touch as these funds will be available for the local community, not just schools.
  • We have funded multiple school trips to Parc Stormy for our renewable energy and sustainability site tour (see our website’s ‘News’ section).
  • Tredegar Town Council visited our renewable energy cluster at Parc Stormy in early 2019.
  • People living locally to the site will also have the opportunity to invest in the scheme.
  • The scheme is planned to support the area with a private wire to local industry.

The plan above shows the approximate location of the scheme.

Indicative visuals of the wind scheme from different locations.

Please click on the photos to take a closer look.

For more information please contact us.

Renewables Targets:

The scheme:

  • supports Welsh Policy targets
  • contributes to Wales’ energy growth set out in the future generations act
  • adds to renewable energy generation in the UK.

The graphic below shows in real time what percentage of our energy in the UK is being produced from renewable energy sources.